Europe 2016

I blogged a lot of entries during this trip, here are is a useful index. This links to my blogger account that I used for that trip

Chronological list of entires by day

Before we left Australia. Blog decisionone week to goFlight planCountdown.
Day 0. On the planeEmirates Pic8 hours in BangkokFinlandFacebookBusiness ClassLazyGreat ViewsAfghanistanFastHomeless in Rome !
Day 1. SummayParkingHistoryMcdonaldsSubwayTwistiesPedestrians.
Day 2. SummarySecurityElectricityMobile Phones.
Day 3. SummarySPQRRainbow.
Day 4. PompeiiPickpockets.
Day 5. Coffee ReportFree day in RomeDinner.
Day 6. Coffee ReportEaster BunnyHadrian’s VillaDinner.
Day 7. Coffee ReportRelocation to Florence.
Day 8. Coffee ReportUffizi and Ponte Vecchio.
Day 9. Coffee ReportLooking around Florence.
Day 10. Coffee ReportSpecial Coffee ReportSiena, San Gim & Pisa.
Day 11. Coffee ReportBike Tour & Cooking Tour.
Day 12. Coffee ReportRelocation to Venice.
Day 13. Coffee ReportMurano & Burano.
Day 14. Coffee Report, Mid Day Coffee ReportScott leaves Venice.
Day 15. Coffee ReportScott’s trip to Paris.
Day 16. Coffee ReportParis and the cat.
Day 17. Coffee ReportEiffel Tower and Montparnasse tower.
Day 18. Coffee ReportThe Louvre.
Day 19. Coffee ReportVersailles.
Day 20. Coffee Report and Bike Tour of Paris.
Day 21. Coffee ReportBoat Tour, Bookshop.
Day 22. Coffee ReportRelocating to London.
Day 23. Coffee ReportTower of London, London Eye, Curry.
Day 24. Coffee ReportHop on Hop off bus.
Day 25. Coffee ReportGreenwich.
Day 26. Coffee ReportHarry Potter Studio Tour.
Day 27. Coffee ReportBritish Museum.
Day 28. Coffee ReportStonehenge & Bath.
Day 29. Coffee ReportChurchill war rooms & Cat Cafe.
Day 30. Coffee Report, Flight from London to Rome.
Day 31. Coffee ReportFlight to Finland.
Day 32. Coffee ReportFlight to Thailand.
Day 33. Coffee ReportMarkets and Shopping.
Day 34. Coffee ReportFlight Home.
Day 35. Update on the apartment situation from day 0