9 Months with AirPods

Back in February I purchased a set of AirPods. At the time I thought they were a terrible product and returned them for a refund. Apple did eventually call me and asked me to try them again, which I did. The second pair were not much better than the first, still dropped music constantly and hung up on conference calls. I booked a second appointment with the Genius Bar and they suggested they would replace my phone, as they suspected that was the issue. So I walked out of the Apple store with a brand new iPhone 6s+

Unfortunately this was only slightly better than with the original phone. I noticed they worked well with my iPad so used them on that for a while and gave up on using them with the phone. I’d also read numerous posts at this time that others were having issues with the 6S phones and AirPods and Apple were supposed to be releasing an update to them at some point in the future. I stopped trying them on the phone till about May

In May (or slightly earlier) there was a firmware update sent out, and magically the AirPods started working without skipping a beat. So I’ve now been using them daily for months with no issues. I must say that now that issue is resolved I love them and they are the best in ear earphones I’ve ever used. They don’t fall out like you would think they would. Normal earbuds fall out all the time, however I suspect the cable connecting them to the music player pulls them out.

I’ve not had any issues with battery life, the case the AirPods live in when not being used charges them, and you can charge this case when the AirPods are in there or not.

So in summary, after quite a bad start, I’m very happy with the AirPods and would recommend them.