Krakow City Bike Tour

As well as the Communist Tour today, I also did a cycle tour of the city in the afternoon. These tours are a stack of fun, you meet some great people on the tour with you and you see so much more in the same time period vs a walking tour.

As an added bonus, the tour stopped for coffee, and this was even better than this mornings coffee. A sure 8/10 on this coffee. This tour visited the main square, the old Jewish Quarter of town, the old Jewish ghetto where the Nazis’s located all the Jewish people before sending them to Auschwitz. The Jewish Quarter and the old ghetto are two seperate areas of town. We also rode along the river past the castle where there is a bronze dragon that spits real fire (in the video below). Also rode around the “Planty” which is the park around the old town.

One of the stops is Schindler’s factory, one of the places I’ll visit on Wednesday

The fantastic coffee and one of the bridges we crossed.

Link to the bike tour company is here. Big thanks to Max for the excellent tour