Krakow Country Bike Tour

It’s been such a wet and horrible day here in Krakow that I came very close to cancelling this bike tour. I remembered though that the primary reason I was here in Europe was to do some bike tours since I love them so much and it wasn’t cold (20c) so getting a little wet was not going to faze me. After 3 days and 20,000km I wasn’t chucking it in that easily.

Very glad I didn’t. Even though I got completely soaked to the bone, it didn’t rain the entire ride and we dried out a bit from time to time. We were rewarded with the most serene and dreamy forest ride beyond my wildest dreams it was just beautiful. If it had been dry it wouldn’t have looked anywhere near as amazing.

We stopped at a monastery at the half way point where we had coffee. I had two, a standard machine made coffee (average) plus a fantastic french press coffee, the beans taken from an Ethiopian monastery run plantation. Way way better than I was expecting.

Thanks Mike, this was a great tour ! – You can book this same tour here at Cruising Krakow


If you have time, watch the video :-