Magnetic Coffee and Random Japanness

Had coffee this morning from the same place I had yesterday’s Vietnamese coffee. Hot coffee wasn’t fantastic, just machine made. Essentially I paid ¥330 ($AU4.50) for a coffee that’s not as good as Nespresso. At least it’s the cheapest coffee I’ve purchased here.

The hotel had magnetically activated water. It’s technology from Japan so it must be good right? I checked but they don’t supply almonds.

Yesterday was the day for Hello Kitty. We saw a second Hello Kitty train at Shin-Osaka.

Coffee is expensive in Japan, but one thing that isn’t ? Ice cream. Pretty much everywhere you can get a Cornetto for ¥150 (AU$2). Bottled water is just as cheap, it’s ¥110 on average for a bottle. Sometimes ¥100 and not seen it over ¥140. The Japanese must actually realise it’s just bottled tap water.

7-11 have a wide variety of sandwiches, this one looked a little on the odd side, blueberries and cream cheese. On the plus side I’m sure it’s not sprinkled with seaweed seasoning, Benito shavings or Matcha.

In Kyoto, I saw a place sampling fiery chilli chips. I tried one, ooooh they are super hot. Luckily I had some water with me that day. After a packet of those I think anyone would welcome those Toto bottom washing toilets once these pass your system.