Preparing for Brexit…

We started the long journey home yesterday, we had a 9.13 train from Bath to London where we were staying overnight before flying out of the UK today.

Early morning Bath departure
Our train to London Town

The train was a comfortable express from Bath and only took 1.5 hours. Staying near Paddington the hotel had our room ready early so we could check in and dump our growing luggage. Sharon wanted to check out the Globe theatre shop so Emma and I went to the Transport museum to check out the hidden London exhibition (the ticket I had for the Down St station tour included entry to this).

The transport museum is really worth a visit if you come to London. Old trains, busses and lots of stuff for small kids as well.

Emma on an old RT series bus from the 1950s
The iconic Route Master from the 60s and 70s

After that Sharon and Emma looked at more shops and I headed over our London office to have a few drinks with the team there. We had dinner at the closest place we could find outside the hotel (BrewDog pub) it was pouring rain once more) but they did great burgers so it was a bit of a win.

On the way to the airport this morning we witnessed a family going through one of my top travel nightmares. They got on the Heathrow express just after us and I noticed one of the guys had his backpack open at the back. A few seconds later there was a massive panic as they realised they had either lost or had the wallet with their passports stolen. They jumped off the train in a panic with all their luggage. Luckily one of the Heathrow express staff noticed the commotion and went over to help them out.

Heathrow was pretty busy but we cleared security etc in less than an hour and was able to sit down and grab a coffee. My last one in Europe for this trip

First leg of the journey is on a big A380

Thailand here we come