Changi Coffee Report

Unfortunately the coffee situation at the airport didn’t improve from last night, I thought it might be slightly better on the air side of the airport, but no.

I could only find two options, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, or “Heavenly Wang” 😳

I couldn’t pass the opportunity to try a Heavenly Wang in the morning, but even though they had an espresso machine they were only selling cups of drip coffee with milk.

The coffee from Bean & Tea leaf wasn’t great, mostly frothed milk and nothing else. 4/10. Not cheap either at S$6

Maybe the other terminals here at Changi are better on the coffee front or there is a proper Italian place hiding in a corner somewhere. Going to have to wait until the return trip to find out.

Stats for the trip so far :

  • Days : 2
  • Trains : 2
  • Planes : 2
  • Coffees : 4