Overnight at Changi Airport

I’ve arrived safely in Singapore. The flight was on time, although the boarding process seemed to be a little bit of a mess, possibly due to all the work going on around the gate we were boarding through. This was on an A380, the first one I’ve been on. All my other flights have been 350s, 330s or 777s and Its been years since I was on a 747 and probably never will ever again.

The flight was good, Singapore Airlines lived up to the great reputation it has. WiFi worked so I was online almost the entire trip. The flight was uneventful except for the last 10 minutes or so when 2 little kids on the row opposite me decided to have a punch up in the middle of the flight. Misbehaved kids are a parents worst nightmare on planes, and I really felt for the mum trying to break it up, but also had a tinge of thank god they aren’t mine.

I used to transit through Changi airport all the time when I was working in consulting but haven’t been here for years. It was awesome then and is still awesome now. It has to be the nicest airport I’ve ever been through. Plenty of people but didn’t feel crowded, was through immigration and customs in minutes. Took a while to find the hotel (I was looking at the opposite end), its nice and I’m glad I’m getting a full night before flying onto London tomorrow.

After checking in, and changing into summer clothes, I decided to find some dinner and check out the coffee options for the morning. Unfortunately the coffee situation here is dire at this part of the airport, two chain based stores, one of them Starbucks.  Since I’ve been through customs I can’t access most of the airport till I check back in tomorrow, so I might be better off on the other side.

Dinner was at a small place called the “Colonial Club”. Had some fantastic satay chicken sticks.


After dinner I checked out a small 7-11 type store to see what weird and (not)wonderful products I could find since I’m in a foreign country. I found seaweed chips. Not great but not as gross as I thought they would be.


The coffee situation is not good :-


For a minute I did wonder about this hotel when I first got in the lift. It looks like is has a button for dispensing condoms….


Stats for the trip so far :

  • Day : 1
  • Trains : 2
  • Planes : 1
  • Coffees : 3