Circling the Square for Coffee

As always happens to me when I’m on holiday I awoke super early. All ready for the day to start but not even 6.30 yet I decided to go on the hunt for a coffee before my first Krakow tour starts at 8.30

A bit of pre-googling indicated that not much if anything opens before 7 but thought I’d try my luck. If nothing else the sun was out after some rain overnight so I would at least get a walk in.

I did a complete circuit of the square, with no luck. Even the main chain coffee shops like Costa, Nero and McDonalds Cafe don’t open till 7. I was resigned to the fact that today I’d have to settle for chain coffee again when I just pushed a little further down the street and found Nakielny Cafe which was open before 7.

Large coffee and pastry for 15PLN, about $AUD6. Coffee a decent 7/10. Bonus for being open before 7!!