Unexpected Purchases

Every now and again when on holidays you end up purchasing something you never ever thought you would have to buy.

Last year it was sun screen in the UK and this year it was a smoke detector in Krakow.

The Airbnb I have has free WiFi, however it’s provided by a portable battery powered device left on a shelf here. It’s not a wired internet service

This morning I noticed it had stopped working and on closer inspection the battery had swelled and popped out of the device. These lithium batteries have a risk of catching fire, Samsung particularly are notorious for manufacturing battery’s (as well as tvs and washing machines) that catch fire. And this was a Samsung battery

A quick look around the apartment and I noticed it had no smoke detectors. Thankfully this thing didn’t catch fire whilst I was sleeping.

The apartment manager replaced the battery in the device, and when I was out today I purchased a smoke detector just for my own peace of mind. Tonight the wifi will be off and unplugged…