Oswiecim Afternoon Coffee Report

I’m waiting for the return train to Krakow and had a bit of time to kill at the station. My actual post on Auschwitz-Birkenau will come later as it needs more editing time to do it justice.

I was motivated to get from the main memorial/museum to the station quickly as an electrical storm was approaching. When planning today I’d imagined I’d just walk as it’s only 2km. There were heaps of taxis there so I just got one to the station for 20zl ($7). Fantastic Mercedes

There is virtually nothing at Oswiecim Station. Its basically a communist era shit-hole. There is no other way really to describe it. Soviet style massive concrete building it terrible condition. No way through it to the platforms, you have to walk around it. Broken concrete ground level platforms where you need to cross the tracks and had to pay 2 zloty to use the toilet (70c). It’s only redeeming feature is the waiting room which is hand considering the electrical storm raging outside.

Of course no coffee shop just a coffee vending machine. I was surprised how good it tasted until I realised I’d accidentally pushed the button for one with 2 sugars. Sugar makes almost anything taste ok!