Bump Day Coffee

Can’t believe it’s Wednesday already and my time in Krakow is half over. I’m back at Nakielny Cafe for breakfast before I head on a salt mine tour at 9.20

Breakfast today was a nice local cherry yoghurt and coffee (of course).

I’d planned to work on my Auschwitz post from yesterday over breakfast, the apartment has a portable wifi I can take with me, however it’s not getting reception in the cafe and with my phone, this SIM card whilst excellent for Europe wide roaming won’t allow hotspot tethering.

As my mate Chris says I’m such a tourist. Lol, he is 100% correct.

I caught up with Chris and two of his work colleagues (John & Lee) for dinner and drinks last night as he is in Krakow for work. That was at the Ed Red restaurant and the steak was phenomenal. They even had Australian steak and wine on the menu, although I tried a Polish steak. As much as I love supporting our local industry, I didn’t travel 20,000km to eat Australian food 🙂

Krakow is awesome value. Steak, salad, wine, desert and port in a top rated restaurant right in the centre of the city was AUD$75 each