Bunkier Cafe Coffee Report

I avoided my usual “out the door” at 7 this morning and hung back till after 9 so I could check out this cafe that opens later. It’s actually right next door to the one I’ve been at for the last few mornings.

It’s quite wet and yuck here so I was in no hurry to go out earlier. It’s basically a mild wet Sydney’s winter day with lots more light.

The quickest way to the cafe was through the square but I’ve done this every morning so since it’s my last full day here I decided to go around in the Planty Park. Very tranquil this time of morning

This is the best rated cafe in the old town if you google around, and it’s pretty good. Coffee is good, although maybe not as good as the one I had in the afternoon on the bike tour over the other side of the river

Here is the inside of the cafe

And the coffee

And the breakfast. I did state calories don’t count on holidays right ? At least then yoghurt is natural and unsweetened !!

I actually had two coffees here and ordered a still water. Here is the bottle. I’d just assumed it was plastic (it has a bluer tinge that the photo doesn’t really show).

I got a shock when I picked it up. It’s glass! The top gives it away but I never noticed that

Did I mention how cheap Krakow is ? All this top quality food, A$13