Bullet Train and Coffee

Off to Nikko today. We booked a seat on a train leaving Tokyo at 7:32. Tokyo is about 20min from Shinagawa on the Yamanote line normally so it was going to be an early day. I worked out since we had a JR pass we could “cheat” and grab a Shinkansen to go from Shinagawa to Tokyo which dropped the time down to 7 minutes. The other advantage is that we would be in the Shinkansen platform area and wouldn’t have to hunt around to find it. Tokyo is a massive station and finding the platforms was something I was a little worried about.

The dilemma for the morning was realised when we went for a coffee and nothing opens before 7. We walked around for a good 30 min checking all the cafes and didn’t find any open before 7. At least now I know where all the coffee places in Shinagawa are! (and there are way more than I initially thought). Dean and Deluca were the closest one to the Shinkansen platforms, so we waited outside that one for it to open at 7.

So here we are almost with our noses pressed against the automatic door waiting for the café to open so we could be first to order, get our coffee and bolt over to the Shinkansen platform to get the 7:13 train to Tokyo. The first coffee made from the machine won’t be it’s best, but hey sometimes in life you have to sacrifice something.

Thankfully just as you would expect in Japan the café opened at 7 (technically 6:59). We ended up with 5 minutes to spare.