We had planned to spend the morning, get some coffee etc in a hip and trendy area of Tokyo called Shimo-Kitazawa, which is a little bit off the main tourist track, it’s supposedly a bit like Harajuku designed more for Gen-X. It’s not on a JR line so we purchased a SUICA card to use the metro. You get there by going to Shibuya and taking the Inokashira line. Took us a while and a few wrong directions to find it.

We made one fatal mistake though, we got there way to early. At 9am almost nothing opened till 10 or 11 so all the hip and happening places were closed and not happening right now. So we headed back to Shibuya, did a bit of shopping and found a place that did more fluffy pancakes.

Luckily we grabbed a coffee when we left the hotel at 8!