Dinner In Hakone

As much as the thought of going outside in the wet to find dinner was unappealing, the options in the hotel were not great. A bit of googling found a Gyoza restaurant a few hundred metres down the road, so off we went.

We couldn’t find it at first, but then we saw an older guy beckoning us up the hill to where his shop was. This wasn’t Kabukicho in Shinjuku so thought we should be pretty safe. We found out it was takeaway only, but when it was obvious that was going to be a deal breaker, they said we could sit in the room upstairs to eat.

The room looked like some community multipurpose hall / church / school. There were a few other people eating here too. The food was brought up to us in takeaway containers. The whole experience was really odd, but the Gyoza was fantastic.

Stairs to the hall

Walking back to the hotel