Hakone Tori Gate

Not great weather today. Foggy and rain here most of the day and much much cooler than Tokyo. Unfortunately due to volcanic activity that’s released a lot of gas, the ropeway (Gondola) over Ōwakudani to the lake is closed. This was a little disappointing as I was looking forward to viewing the crater. A replacement bus was running which took us down to the lake where we could get on one of the ferries done up to look like a pirate ship. On the other side of the lake we visited the Hakone gate, which is a replica town set up to be like it was in feudal times to control and tax traffic between Kyoto and Edo (Tokyo).

There was a 20 minute queue to get a picture at the Tori gate, even in the rain!

Transport over the lake

The queue for the Tori gate !

Lunch in a little restaurant near the lake. Delicious beef curry, corn soup and salad

Anyone for a bunch of grapes ? $A65 at current exchange ! I want mine in juice form in a bottle for that price.

Coffee in a can for $2 is a much better option!

Japanese Hot Pocket for a snack. Delicious