Coffee wrapped in plastic

Japan, we need to talk….

This was my coffee this morning. Coffee in a disposable cup, on a disposable tray, in a disposable bag. My coffee this morning cost the planet 3 dolphins and a tree. We won’t even get started about whales…

I think the packaging was in my hand for less than 2 minutes as I walked from one platform to the next with coffee in hand. Most people are travelling north, so the only food places open before 7 (or in some places 8:30) are on the north bound platform.

Coffee here is more expensive than wine. For good coffee I’ve been paying ¥500+ for good coffee and even ¥480 for crap ones. A glass of wine has averaged ¥400-500. And that’s for a small coffee at the good places.

The other weird thing here is when you ask for coffee you are then asked if you want hot or cold coffee.

It would seem I’m not the only one to wonder why coffee here is so expensive

Now I’m partially caffeinated and waiting for the train south to Hiroshima