Bamboo, Pagodas and Walks

After the delicious coffee and pancakes for breakfast we cruised through the Nishiki Market (錦市場, Nishiki Ichiba) on our way to the Bamboo Forest. As much as I love Japan some of the seafood and other items on display really do turn my stomach and to be honest I was glad to out of there and on our way

Took the metro up towards Arashiyama where the bamboo forest is, after a slight delay as Dave couldn’t find his SUICA card and we had to find a station employee to help navigate the machine to buy another IC card.

Wandered around the bamboo forest, unfortunately there was quite a crowd of people but managed to get a few good shots. We went the back way to the path that most people wouldn’t do and found a great park with no one around. Amazing that a place can be so crowded and so deserted at the same time

Park with just us visiting. 200m away there are massive crowds

From here we took the JR train, metro and a bus over towards Kiyomizu-dera where you can get great shots of the Pagoda wandering the interesting streets. One thing I do hate about Kyoto is it’s transport. Having to take buses slows everything down. Tokyo is light years ahead with its amazing subway system.

From here we took another bus over to the start of the The Philosopher’s Path, a beautiful tree lined canal on the side of the city. We were there in the late afternoon (after 4) and we had it almost all to ourselves.

There are fish in the canal too

Dinner was a great little place right across from the hotel