Breakfast in a Northern Town

Today was very cold (for us), wet and miserable. Even Steve mentioned the amount of rainy days was even against the norm for the area. Thankfully it wasn’t like this yesterday when we went to York. Whilst in the car Steve drove us past some of the amazing green farmland with all the stone walls and past the area where the Yorkshire moors start

Steve picked us up and took us to Haworth for breakfast, where we met up with Josh and Beth as well. Haworth is a small little town about 15km from Halifax. It’s famous for being the home of the Brontë family. The most famous work by Emily Brontë is Wuthering heights. So after a great breakfast and coffee we wandered through the streets (most shops were closed being a wet weekday) and then checked out the Brontë societies museum, set up in the old house which is now grade listed by English Heritage.ë_familyë_Parsonage_Museum

Walking down the hill in the cold and rain I kept thinking about the song from the 80s by the Dream Academy, “Life in a Northern Town”. By local standards it wasn’t really that cold, but for me it really did feel as though the world was going to freeze today.

Over breakfast Josh and Beth told us about a cafe in the centre of Halifax that did pink lattes. I had to try one of those, however they had sold out and couldn’t give us any when we went. A bit disappointed but possibly a blessing in disguise. I might try in the morning before we leave to catch the ferry to the Netherlands.

For our last night we had dinner at a Mexican / Italian restaurant here in downtown Halifax. The weather may not have been great whilst we were here but the hospitality and food has been amazing.