Anne Frank House

We arrived in Amsterdam to more rain, which luckily started to dissipate as the bus arrived at the central station. After dropping bags at the hotel we bought metro tickets and headed straight to the Anne Frank house.

It’s quite a small museum, considering it’s the actual house the Frank family hid in this isn’t a big surprise. The museum very strictly control how many people can be there at any one time. You have to buy your ticket online and you have to enter in the 15 minute slot you are allocated. Even with that it’s still slow moving and crowded in the museum.

As with any house in Amsterdam, the stairs in the museum are more like ladders. Unfortunately photography is not allowed inside the museum. There is a shop where you can purchase a museum catalogue that contains everything.

It’s quite a moving experience, if you come to Amsterdam you should make the effort to visit. It will take just over an hour to move through the house and see everything.

The coffee in the museum in the Anne Frank house cafe was way way better than I expected, a very pleasant surprise !

Where we are staying is a few stops on the metro outside the main tourist part of Amsterdam central, however we found a great Italian place for dinner.

Restaurant where we had dinner

Great Coffee in the museum cafe