Tulips and Van Gogh

After our amazing food tour today, we spent the afternoon at the Tulip Museum and then the evening at the Vincent Van Gogh museum.

The tulip museum was only small, but I learnt a few things about tulips that I didn’t know. One, they originate from the mountain regions in Central Asia, and two, majority of flowers in tulip fields are stripped and feed to love stock, as it’s the bulbs that are exported, not all the flowers. Cutting off the flowers early makes the bulbs a better quality as the plan then expends more energy on the bulbs.

With the Van Gogh museum, it’s four floors of a large building all dedicated to his life and art work. Just like the Anne Frank House, entry is strictly time controlled in 30 minute blocks.

Even on a Thursday night at 5:30pm it was packed. I’m not really an art lover by any means but could really appreciate his use of colour and technique. Contrary to popular myth when you get the electronic audio guide it does actually have a left and right ear piece.

I did think it rather ironic that all these bright colourful paintings are displayed in this dark dimly lit building which in some ways made it difficult to appreciate them. Crowds of people don’t help either. I’d expected we spend at most an hour inside (it was just one artist after all) but we ended up spending close to three hours inside.

Lots of people looking at colourful paintings in the dark :-

We had dinner at a small restaurant right near the museum. Sharon and I had Pasta

Another nice canal shot:-