Coffee and Dinner

For breakfast we started our day at our favourite place next to the hotel. I love watching the bicycles just seem to glide by, lots of ducking and weaving but never any crashes.

I think I’ve mentioned before that the hotel is slightly out of town but has great transport links to everything. Being a modern building there are no worries about narrow and steep staircases that are common in Amsterdam

Hotel near Amstel Station

We have seen a lot of theses tiny tiny “cars” everywhere. Apparently they are only for people who are someway mobility impaired. They can drive them on bike paths and park them on footpaths.

Here is a pic of the train we took today up to Zannse Schans.

For dinner tonight we went back to the same restaurant just on the water near our hotel. Nice little building. Emma had the biggest pizza I’ve ever seen I think and it was only €10