Satay 8

Tonight for dinner we headed over to the Lau Pa Sat hawker centre in the downtown area to get some Satay on “Satay St”. If you are looking for it, it’s on the corner of Boon Tat St and Boon Tat Link lane. It’s about halfway between the Downtown and Telok Ayer MTR stations.

This is Satay St

Satay St is pretty much everything that Singapore isn’t, it’s absolute chaos and Smokey, however just like everywhere else in Singapore the food is excellent. We decide to get our Satay from the “Satay 8” stall vendor. A bit of googling indicates this is one of the best Satay places on the island, and the queue for this place was massive. All the other vendors were touting for business, but not the blokes at Satay 8.

Took us ages to get a table on the street. We had given up and grabbed a table inside the centre when I was just standing on the street just waiting for our Satay and then this table of 4 just magically vacated in front of me. The Satay gods must be smiling in my general direction.

Just sitting here, we noticed a few other people eating some naan bread and said to each other, wow could do with some of that bread right now, and somehow the Satay gods must have heard us and this random Indian guy appeared with a menu selling Satay. Five dollars later we had this massive plate of delicious naan in front of us.

Satay Yum

A few minutes later our Satay was ready are we were in peanut flavour heaven. I also had a sugar cane lemon drink made directly from the juice of a raw sugarcane stick. This was lovely and refreshing.

Highly highly recommend this place when you are in Singapore.

Sugarcane drink
Satay 8