Last Day in Singapore

Our last day here before flying home, we did the walk around to Merlion Park to get a couple of those iconic Singapore snapshots. Best part of the evening was Dinner at “Justin Flavours” by Justin Quek one of Singapore’s top chefs. Of course the food was outstanding.

After dinner checked out the lights in the Gardens by the Bay and “gave” the Casino $100. (In one go on the Roulette. 17 Black was not my friend).

We even met Justin in person !

The Casino is interesting, probably more checks and photographs to get in than we went through to get into Singapore itself.

Delicious Lamb Satay

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

I don’t think any visit to Singapore would be complete without mention of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel (known locally just as MBS). For those that don’t know it the three tower hotel and casino complex with an infinity pool at the top that is shaped like a boat.

MBS Hotel

Staying here has been on my “bucket list” for many years.

Completed in 2010 it’s become an iconic building in Singapore. So many people stay here just to swim in the infinity pool (yours truly included). The pool is Singapore’s Instagram / TikTok ground zero. So many people photographing themselves in and around the pool. I suspect the lifeguards on duty spend more time fishing phones from the bottom of the pool than rescuing people. The pool isn’t very deep, it’s 1.2 metres.

Walkway behind the pool

MBS protect this pool like a stash of golden eggs. You have to be a guest to access the pool and every person entering has to have their own key card. Signs everywhere that “trespassers will be handed to the authorities”

Most expensive swim I’ve ever had!

Might just be a quiet time of year but the pool hasn’t been as crowded as I expected. The pool is open from 6am till 11pm. The pool faces over the city side, but little known fact is there are also a handful of hot tubs that face over the garden side of the hotel.

View from the edge

Pro tip one: hit the pool at 6am, there is hardly anyone there, you will likely have part of the pool to yourself and you can sit in the jacuzzi and watch the sun rise.

The pool at 6am

Pro tip two : hit the pool section over “Tower One”. The entry is via Tower 3, and that section is always busier. Just walk for 2 minutes past the restaurant to access the other section of the pool.

Another view of the pool at 6am
View from the pool at night

Other than the pool the hotel is exceptional, rooms and beds are big and the service is excellent. You will pay for it though, a night here is not cheap.

You know you’re on holiday when you have a drink in served in a pineapple