Secret Frog Coffee

My walk to the office is an amazingly short 500m walk north along Lime St and St Mary Axe after crossing Fenchurch St. Not an immense amount of time to ponder what coffee will be on offer, but whilst walking along in the sea of mostly steel and concrete skyscrapers, there is one very very old looking church which really stands out as “really old” even if its completely overshadowed. Today I stopped for a few minutes to have a closer look at it (as well as google it).

Its the St Andrew Undershaft Church. In the grand scheme of Europe, its “only” 485 years old (it was rebuilt in 1532), but what make its relatively unique for London is that it has managed to survive both the Great Fire and the Blitz. It did have a stained glass window from the 17th century but that was destroyed in the Baltic exchange bombing in 1992.

A few minutes later I was in the office and headed out with Karan to grab another cup of morning goodness. When it comes to coffee, local knowledge is fantastic, as I’ve been enjoying great coffee every day this week. Today we were off to the “Secret Frog” on Houndsditch St. Its a small place, pretty much doing nothing but coffee. Highly recommended !


For lunch I popped up to Old Spitalfields Market to see what was on offer for lunch. Lots of great food carts, I found one selling Mexican. In the walk back I popped into Sainsbury’s for some supplies, and of great ironies the Vegemite was cheaper than the Marmite. Walked back to the apartment though the Leadenhall Market and found a fantastic book shop.