Churchill’s Bunker & the Knights Templar

On Thursday we started the day touring through the Churchill’s War Rooms. This is located near Westminster and would have to be in my list of top three things to do in London. Its amazing that it was just basically closed off after the war and left there to be re-opened as a museum in the 80s. I think over time Churchill will be considered in the same league and Nelson and Wellington, if not already. I’ve been here twice now, and even though the entry is £22, its worth every penny. Before we left we had coffee in the cafe underground, a unique experience in it own right.

After this we wandered down to Temple Church, Originally built by the Knights Templar and a central foundation stone in the development of our modern banking system as well as playing a key role in the development of the Magna Carter which underpins all Western democratic systems. Well worth the £5 entry fee.

Lunch was a Borough Market where we spent some time looking around all the amazing spices, cheeses and meats on offer. Dinner was with my cousin Kristy and her partner Mark at a fantastic Italian restaurant in Clerkenwell.