Elephant, Castle and Hat

When I was in London last week and went down to the Imperial War Museum, I got off the tube at Elephant ans Castle. I was wearing the Star Wars hat my daughter bought me from DisneyLand in the USA in April.

As I was walking out gust of wind from a passing train blew it onto the tracks. I probably could have reached it, but as trains were coming in every minute and the lines are electrified, I wasn’t willing to risk my life to get it, regardless of how much I loved the hat.

The TfL staff were excellent, they sweep the tracks daily and told me to come back the next day when It would likely be in the lost property room. Unfortunately when I went back the next day, it wasn’t. TfL even double checked the tracks for me and it wasn’t there.

Anyone know where I can get one without travelling to LA? The online Disney store don’t seem to have them.