Auf Wiedersehen, Wien

I’m leaving Vienna for Amsterdam today, this involves a mammoth 1200km right across Western Europe. This involves one train change in Frankfurt, 10 hours on the train. This could likely cure me of my love of European train travel. At least the trains have plenty of space to move around and there is a restaurant car.

It’s a very wet day today, probably the worst weather I’ve had in the entire time I’ve been here so a good day for train travel. This might be a long entry by the end of the day

On this train they even give out a little travel guide for this particular train with the services and stops explained

Train left Vienna and within 15 minutes we were out of the city and it had a distinct country look to the scenery

For all the modern technology, tickets are still stamped by an inspector

The ICE train has a dining car, but no food…

Onboard coffee is predictably bad

This river forms the Austrian / German border near Passau

Passau is the first stop in Germany. The police bordered the train and were checking everyone out but not checking everyone’s identification. Looks a very pretty town. Danube, Ilz and Inn river all join here.

Anyone for a riverboat cruise ?

Thankfully I brought some food onboard with me as they are supposed to have food but don’t. Not sure if they ran out or were just slack. Suspecting slack as I asked about it just after leaving Vienna. Not what I would have suspected from a German operated service.

Deep in the heart of Germany now

Some massive solar installs here in Germany. This one alongside the tracks must have been at least 1km long

DB have travel maps and speed directly in their onboard website accessible via wifi. Stops are marked in red. You can zoom in and out

On almost every field in Germany near the woods you see little boxes like this. A bit of googling determined hunters use them to hide and watch for deer emerging from the woods

Train stops at Würzburg and heaps of people take a short break for a smoke. So much more prevalent here than at home.

Wine country

we arrived at Frankfurt late but more than enough time to make my connection. Train to Amsterdam. The one to Amsterdam departed 35 min late. Not sure what happened to the legendary German punctuality, add to that the lack of food and almost all the toilets on the last train were broken. The Austrians are lording it all over the Germans as far as trains are concerned, the OBB trains all look fabulous.

Another one that splits in two, one set to Amsterdam, one to Brussels

At least on this one it’s obvious I’m in the correct seat

You know you are in Germany when the train you are on drops to 180kph and the cars on the autobahn next to the railway are going faster

Went past this, to fast to snap a pic. (Train now doing 300kph)

Some technical issue now and train has stopped on a bend. Announced that since we are delayed an hour all onboard drinks are now free

And they handed out forms to recover 25% of the ticket cost. I’m sure the cost of processing a foreign cheque for €25 will not be worthwhile, but will have to see.

And we are in Cologne

And I’m in the Netherlands. One of the greenhouses that make it the second largest food exporter in the world, yet one of the worlds smallest countries.

Read about it here

Schalkwijk. Just a random pic.

Train running close to two hours late, finally arrived in Utrecht. Still a bit to go

Finally arrived. 11pm on Monday and this place is still extremely lively

Something decent to eat

Room looks ok