Japanese Fluffy Pancakes

Today I achieved one of my Japanese food goals. Eating fluffy Soufflé pancakes. My friend Sally (Dave’s wife) told me about them a few months ago when we were out at dinner and after some (by that I mean much) googling and research about them, they were on my absolute must try list for our trip to Japan.

They are very popular, but can be hard to get as each serve takes about 20 minutes to prepare, so there can be long queues where ever they are sold. My advice ? Get there an hour before closing time in the afternoon.

We were in Harajuku this afternoon and feeling a little peckish so I quickly googled for the nearest place and up popped Rainbow Pancake only a hundred metres or so from

Where I was standing. Got there and there was only one other group waiting so we got in pretty quickly.

I had apple and caramel flavour and Dave had macadamia nut. Washed down with ice cold brew coffee.

So the verdict? How do they taste? Wonderful! Flavour isn’t much different to normal buttermilk pancakes but the texture is just so so different. Would I have them again ? Absolutely.

One serving was ¥1,150 or about $15 at current exchange on 27th June 2019