Tokyo Bum Wash

No blog about a trip to Japan could possibly ignore the toilets here. They have quite a few high tech enhancements. The seats are electrically heated which does take a bit of getting used to, although I’m sure in the depth of a Japanese winter it would be much appreciated.

Most toilets have a built in bidet function, where if you push a button a little arm extends from its hiding place and squirts a jet of warm water right into “the spot” you could say.

I was a bit worried it might squirt water everywhere but they must have some amazing sphincter detection technology as it never misses. Who ever does the user acceptance testing at Toto Industries (makers of the toilets here) must have the cleanest bottom in all of Japan.

I’ve nicknamed our toilet Captain Kirk, as just like the TV show he eliminates Klingons hiding around Uranus.

A zoom in on the controls for the enterprise. Warp factor 9 !

Whilst on the subject of toilets, the ones at Nikko had a display on how not to use them