Weekenders Coffee

Was supposed to be a quieter day today as the last two were big days with a 30km ride and a hike in the mountains. Got up late and seeked out a café recommended to Dave by Isabella (one of his employees).

The café was super small and hidden in the back of a car park off a small lane. No food, just coffee. That’s usually a good indication the coffee will be good as they have to rely on it. Coffee was good, ideally would have been a bit stronger but it was still the best in Kyoto (not as good as yesterday’s Hillbilly coffee though).

As we were there, waves of westerners came by for their daily fix. Still shocked at the cost of coffee in general here in Japan, this one was ¥510. Not a cheap habit here!

Since there was no food, we were looking for food after that and just around the corner was a branch of “A Happy Pancake” so we went there. I had a Tiramisu pancake, delicious.