Coffee and Tower

Another day that started with rain, however we were heading to Brussels for a waffle making course in the afternoon (more on that later) so we thought we would just meander down to the station though the “egg” of Bruges (the shape of the old city is an egg inside the moat).

Started with coffee at Cafune, which according to the internets does great coffee. We had lattes, and can concur that yes they do.

Walking towards the station, Emma and I decided we would climb the Belfry, which has 366 steps to the top. Sharon decided she would check out Michelangelo’s Madonna and child, at the Church of our Lady, which is the only known Michelangelo outside Italy.

The Belfry tower was worth the climb, but not for the feint hearted as the stairs get steeper and narrower towards the top and its two way traffic. Passing people going the opposite way isn’t easy. The bells chime every 15 minutes and luckily we were out of the bell room with about 30 seconds to spare before they chimed. Even a few metres down in the tower it was extremely loud. Got to the station and then off to Brussels for the rest of the days adventures

Looking up at the tower
Looking up to the stairs
Selfie at the top
View over Bruges