Travel is Back !

I still can’t believe we have finally departed Australia again after three long years, two of them due to covid lockdowns and the third really just because the timing wasn’t right as well as multiple bouts of covid across our travel group. I also wasn’t willing to risk booking travel anywhere where a pre-departure PCR test was mandatory and thankfully everywhere I now want to go has done away with them.

Two years of doom scrolling just how impossible travel would be in the future and remarkably apart from uploading copies of vaccination certificates it’s largely the same, just significantly more expensive and crowded since everyone has decided they want to catch up on all that lost travel, and honestly who can blame them.

Although I spent the last month stressed at what could occur that would cause us to cancel this trip, our departure was really a non event, traffic out to the airport was thin, we had reserved parking at the airport which was found easily and we checked in and passed emigration and security in less than 30 minutes. Plenty of time to find a cafe and be blessed with the opportunity to spend over $35 on two coffees and two pastries.

Even the rain and strong wind didn’t interrupt the takeoff. Of course Sydney was the only part of Australia that had rain today, 10 minutes in the sky and most of the cloud cover disappeared and we had great views over the Darling river just before crossing into SA then NT. Unfortunately this time we tracked a little north of Uluṟu and didn’t get to see the rock.

Flying over western New South Wales

This trip is really just a short break for a week, heading to Singapore to check it out in a lot more detail, past visits have been brief sojourns (max two days) whilst going through Changi on the way to other adventures.

Changi airport was as efficient, clean and organised as ever. Took about 20 min to get past immigration, then 5 minutes in a queue for a taxi and before we knew it we were checked into our apartment. Chinatown looked amazing at night, so we will be heading there at some point to check that out.

After a bit of unpacking headed over to Clarke Quay for a quick bite to eat, oh wow, what a great choice that was. Just picked a random place and had a fantastic Asian Fusion Tapas.

Selection of Asian Tapas

So far a great start to the Holiday.