Universal Studios Singapore

Today we were off to Universal Studios. Not sure why but the park doesn’t open till 11am, so we had a very quiet morning and just took a cab over to the park. Singapore being small, we weren’t really that for from the park so a cab there was only $14 (cabs seem much cheaper here than at home).

Before entering the park we found the Lego store so had a good cruise around there before park time. As soon as we got in the park my inner 13 year old was “Let go on all the rides!! Roller coasters yeah!!”.

Lego Store on Sentosa

The first ride we picked was the “transformers”. Not exactly a roller coaster but a great 3D type ride with hydraulics that moved you up/down,

Left/right etc. My inner 13 year old might have been “rides – yeah! Let’s do them all” but my 50+ year old stomach was saying “umm, no – I don’t think so…”.

The stomach won that battle, from then on we pretty much just stuck to the kiddy/nana rides. We did make one exception for the water log ride in the Jurassic world section, fantastic, but you will get very wet. Luckily I packed a second pair of shoes.

The Shrek 4D experience and the Steven Spielberg “Lights/Camera/Action” where you experience a hurricane were both excellent.

If you do visit the park, get a “skip the line / fast pass” it will save you hours of queuing. Some rides had a 60 minute wait, the fast pass cut that down to 10 minutes.

Stomach could handle this ride