Not the Oldest Coffee House in London

I had fully intended todays coffee post to be all about the oldest coffee house in London, the “Jamaica Wine Bar”. It’s located (so I believe) only a few hundred metres from this apartment. But it was not to be….

I woke very early, so after catching up on email, I got ready and decided to head out and find the coffee house before going down to the conference centre at Westminster. I also had heaps of time so thought I’d find a cafe somewhere for breakfast first. Opening the window and checking, it was raining and a cold 11c. The window is over a small reasonably protected courtyard and didn’t quite prepare me for just how truly horrible to weather was today.

As soon as I headed out, it was blowing a gale and my umbrella turned inside out in seconds and I got drenched. I continued up to Leadenhall Market and cut through that looking for the coffee house. Unfortunately at some point I made a wrong turn and ended up heading north rather than west. By this time I was really wet and cold so gave up on the idea of the old coffee house for today. With the rain and wind, finding the tube station took longer than I expected and I only just made it to the conference centre in time to grab one of the free coffees there and head in. Luckily just like yesterday it was excellent coffee.