Pineapple Coffee

Coffee for me today was at a little Lebanese cafe restaurant early this morning where I took the opportunity to catch up with one of our software vendors whilst I was visiting the London office. The coffee was a real surprise, was way better than I expected, a decent 7.5/10

Later in the morning I acquainted myself with the Houndsditch Post Office. I’ll know the Royal Mail system quite well soon, as we bought a few more books than we expected and I’m posting a few home.

Whist I was in the office, Sharon and Emma did a bit more shopping in Bond St, bought some strawberries and ate them in Green Park, walked past Buckingham Palace, had lunch at Borough Market and then headed over to Pineapple Dance where Emma attended another dance lesson.


After work I had a beer with a few of the guys from the office in the Bell. Thankfully the Bell had re-opened after the car ran into it. Visiting the London office and not having a beer at the Bell just wouldn’t have been cricket. The Bell is a must.

Now that England are through to the next stage, it would seem most people here are just happy England made it further than Germany. Of course everyone still hopes to beat France, but they hasn’t stopped some of the World Cup jokes starting:

  • Q. What is the difference between Germany and a tea bag ?
  • A. Tea bags spend longer in the cup…

Walking back from the Bell, I managed to get a shot for the Obligatory Daily Gherkin.


I travelled down to Covent Garden, found Sharon and we had cocktails at a little drink wagon in the garden. Summer in London is just wonderful…..

When Emma had finished the lesson we had dinner at the Nag’s Head, another place we seem to visit yearly now.

And much to the amusement of my inner 13 year old, the trip back to the apartment involved a stint on the Piccadilly line


Oh, and one last thing. A funny comment I heard last night about the State of the UK. They are concerned they are turning into Australia. Makes sense when you consider some of the stats

  • Winning at Sport
  • Its a really hot summer
  • They have bush fires in the north
  • Concerns there could be a drought with water restrictions coming….