Associated Coffee

On the way to the office today I swung by Association coffee to grab the daily fix. On the way was an interesting sculpture, which is actually a cross section from an Airbus jet. Calling it a sculpture in my opinion is a bit of a stretch, I’d call it a cut out cross section personally, but it was interesting none the less. Especially considering its right in the middle of central London.

The coffee from Association was very good. I think the coffee from Secret Frog is still slightly better, however this is of course dependent on the barista of the day who makes it for you. As a bonus, they also do Vegemite on toast, and after not having it for two weeks it was a divine experience.

Association are obviously quite proud of their coffee, they have on display a London Coffee guide, and sure enough they are featured in it. If I’m here next year I’ll be grabbing a copy of this one !

Obligatory Daily Gherkin with Secret Frog Coffee below. I had to pop out to the post office yet again to post another book home, so swung by Secret Frog for one last fix before we head out to Paris tonight.