Vive La Café. Vive La France!

Finally a coffee in Paris that is worthy of its own coffee report. Strada Café. Maybe the French win in the World Cup game over Belgium last night has shone a torch of coffee goodness over the city of light, or maybe I just fluked a good discovery. One of the universes little mysteries I guess.

I left Sharon and Emma at La Foodist this morning whilst they undertook a French baking class (which will earn its own post later). I thus had a few hours to wander and do whatever. I had thought of doing another bike tour but decided against it and would try the Paris bike share, which in its own way started a global revolution on bike sharing.

What is it with the French and revolutions ?

Thought I’d wander up to the river, hire a bike and go for a spin in a relative traffic free safe area. On the way started looking for coffee and breakfast. Only 100m from La Foodist I saw this place, it looked ok but given it was the second one I’d seen in a minute I was inclined to keep moving until I saw the evolution of coffee chalked on the window.

This screamed at me : this place knows coffee! And the fact they had the flat white on the board which is an Australian gift to the world, they must know something (Sorry NZ, I know you beg to differ on this one, but the flat white is ours…)

The coffee was a lovely 9/10, and given this is the first near perfect one I’ve ever had in Paris I’ll give it a 9.5 as a bonus. I’m almost sad I have to leave the cafe now as I probably won’t get back to this one before we leave. But you never know.

Check the photo below they even do proper takeaway coffee in cup sizes I’d see at home.

Given the poor state of coffee in the French Republic I was keen to understand how the beacon of coffee par de excellence came to be. The Barista is from Panama, one of the biggest exporters of coffee beans in the world, so you could say he doesn’t just know coffee, he is coffee. It’s pulsating through his veins.

Happily caffeinated moi :-