Kaffe Copenhagen

I didn’t have time for a morning coffee, I had a bike tour at 10am. More on that later, but nothing was open that I could see before the tour started, and since I’d been up to 2am just getting here so I couldn’t do my normal early explore.

However the bike tour did give me the opportunity to view all the cafes in Copenhagen, and I’m excited to say the coffee culture here looks very promising. I haven’t seen one single automated machine. It’s hand made.

Mike from Mike Bike recommended we go to Israels Plads for lunch, one of the top open air markets in the city.

I of course had to try a famous open sandwich (a Smørrebrød). Mike thinks the place here does some of the best. I had a chicken one, it didn’t disappoint.

Some of the various selections

After wandering a bit I checked out the coffee options and there were at least 3 decent looking ones in the market. (France I hope you are reading this…)

I settled on the “Coffe3 Collective” apparently they have 5 stores in Copenhagen and roast their own beans daily, 15 min from the store. The coffee was excellent, a decent 7.5 or even 8 out of 10

I did notice a few coffee vans around parks here in Denmark. This is a great sign of a good coffee culture

And before I forget, my coffee from today. I’m super happy my first coffee in Denmark was awesome.