Round Tower & 108 Coffeez

After a short break back at the hotel whilst I waited for the rain to stop I headed over to the Round Tower or “Rundetaarn”. I’d seen this on “Travel Man” and I’d almost forgotten about it. Very glad I remembered as it’s fantastic with a view from the top to match. It has a spiral that goes round 7.5 times to the top. Apparently it was made this way so the King could ride his horse to the top. It has an observatory at the top, a library part way up, and a bell room. The centre core is the offical centre of Copenhagen from where all distance measurements were taken. It has a glass floor you can stand on, however I passed on that opportunity. The way the toilet in the building operated in the previous centuries was also interesting, Basically a very very large drop from the top.

After some time here I headed down through Nyhavn to grab a coffee from 108, the sister restaurant of Noma. Interesting that they weigh the coffee to the gram before making your cup. I noticed the coffee collective do this to. A solid 8.5. / 10 Copenhagen has great coffee.