Coffee and Train to Prague

One the way into the main Berlin station early this morning (about 6.30) I let out a little cheer as the place where I bought my breakfast pretzel yesterday was open and I could grab another one. I also purchased a normal pretzel for later as this was a 4 hour train ride and food is expensive and not that great on them. I found the ‘Einstein Cafe” was open, and they did a pretty good coffee for a station shop. A passable 6.5/10


Later on the train they came through with a cart and offered coffee (drip style) which I bought and noticed it was provided by Starbucks. And this cost me €3.50.sheesh, you can’t escape it.

The train as it pulls in (EC177)

My seat

The train was comfortable and the view along the Elbe river into Prague on this nice day was stunning.

The hotel was only a 100m or so form the station so I checked in. It’s in a wonderful old building

I then wandered around the old town, over the bridges and had some lunch on the main square and checked out the Apple Museum. Apple museum will be covered in later post. As will the bike tour

Lunch. The potatoes didn’t sound too appetising on the menu but they were extraordinary

I’m not a large beer drinker normally but can’t have a schnitzel in the part of the world without one

Some pics from around town

Prague is a real party town and crowded. The photos I’ve picked above don’t really show just how many people there are milling about. I thought Krakow had a party scene, it was super tame compared to Prague