One Night in Bangkok

Bangkok, Oriental setting..

And the Scott don’t know what coffee he’s getting….

Flight here was good, as mentioned on last post nothing spectacular, old jet but enough room and it was a great price. Arrived Bangkok pretty much spot on time at 4:30pm in the local time

Bangkok Airport (Suvarnabhumi) is massive, according to Wikipedia it was built in 2006. Not sure what style you would call it, maybe modern brutalist, exposed concrete and steel everywhere. According to Wikipedia it was the most instagrammed place in 2012. That’s a lesson for the kiddies not to believe everything they read on the interwebs. If they had said it was the most unpronounceable airport in the world in 2012 I’d believe that one.

Wish our airport was like this, had bags, cleared immigration, customs and was on the shuttle bus to the hotel in around 20 minutes

Staying at the Novotel here at the airport. They apparently have a walkway to/from the airport but I couldn’t find that so we just too the free shuttle bus. It seemed to loop around the airport on the motorway a few times, if nothing else we got a good look at the place. At least it was a proper mini bus and not a tuk tuk death machine that seem to be the transport mode of choice in the city.

I had visions of us lounging around the pool in the evening sipping cocktails but we were all just shattered after the long day so had a quick dinner in the restaurant and went to bed.

Got to the airport just after 9am In the local time, it was super busy, people everywhere. Luckily I’d done an online checkin last night and was able to breeze straight past the lines to the bag drop.

After clearing security I was getting worried I wouldn’t find a decent coffee anywhere. If I’d been blogging about luxury handbags there wouldn’t have been an issue. That seems to be a big market here. Eventually found Dean and Deluca, they were a saving grace in Japan so I wasn’t going to hesitate. Not as good as Japan but still ok. Typical airport style pricing at $7.50. Thailand might be a cheaper holiday destination, but Bangkok airport certainly isn’t.

For connectivity here I pre-purchased a 3gig 8 day travel sim from sim corner. Just suck it in an old burner phone I bring as an emergency spare when travelling and hotspotted the three of us off that. Worked a treat.

Amazing pics from our free BKK motorway tour

Emma had a massive pizza last night. Some of it at least

Was impressed with the free water at the hotel, supplied in glass not plastic

Not sure if after visiting Bangkok the world really is my oyster, but I’ve got my Oyster card ready to navigate London’s tube system

Next stop London !