Relocating to a Northern Town

Our last day in London had arrived and time for some new adventures. We are heading North to a town in Yorkshire called Halifax. Sharon’s mum was born in Halifax and still has a lot of family there so we are heading off to spend a few days with them.

We are getting a “Grand Central” train from Kings Cross. There were a few options with different trains and times but the advantage of Grand Central was they had a few trains that went from London to Halifax direct, no need to change a Manchester or Leeds.

Ordered one of the iconic black cabs to take us to the station, could have taken the tube (only a few stations away) but a few lines have been closed over weekends. To compete with Uber a few drivers had their own app developed that works exactly like the Uber app, even with in app payments. One thing I really like about the black cabs is they can carry a massive amount of luggage as well as passengers

We were at Kings Cross with heaps of time to spare so we had some breakfast there at the station. On the train the seats were comfortable, not a heap of space for luggage storage though. Luckily we were one of the few families with suitcases. Train picks up a bit of speed too, just over 200kph in some sections.

Our train was the William Shakespeare. He unfortunately missed out on train travel by something like 250+ years. Who knows what he would have thought of trains, but I’m sure they would have provided many inspirations for more tragedies. Traineo, Traineo, wherefore art thou Traineo?

Sharon’s cousin Steve was at the station to meet us in Halifax. We dropped our luggage at the hotel then headed off to spend the afternoon and evening with the rest of the family.

Off to the Chop House

On our last night in London caught up with my cousin Kristy and her partner Mark for dinner. Great restaurant (Hix Oyster and Chop House), food was of course fantastic. The owner Mark Hix who did exceptionally well on the TV show “Great British Menu” so Sharon was super impressed we were dining at one of his restaurants. Another foodie box ticked off the todo list.

As a bonus the restaurant was just behind the apartment where we were staying. Mark showed us some of the interesting buildings and stone work in the area