Quick Flight and Coffee

Today we took the quickest and cheapest Emirates Airline flight we have ever done. £3.50 one way. It could be argued it’s also the most expensive flight I’ve ever done, since the trip is only about a kilometre. On that basis the flight from Sydney to London was way way cheaper as it was only 2p per km.

However you cut it though it’s an inexpensive and quick way to get a great view over the Thames and London. There is a tube station on the south side and a DLR station on the north side, so doing this as a round trip from central London couldn’t be easier. They take Oyster cards too. As you head south, on the left is London city Airport runway so you can get a good (if not slightly scary) view of planes taking off.


After our flight we took the Tube north to Angel so Sharon could tick off one of her foodie wish lists, lunch from Ottolenghi. Unsurprisingly it was packed when we arrived, so we grabbed a few things as takeaway and ate them in a church ground park just down the road.

Delicious looking cakes too

I hadn’t coffee’d yet, so a bit of quick googling recommended the CoffeeWorks Project, just a bit further down the road towards the station. Coffee was very nice, maybe not as good as Black Sheep though.

Some nice looking food shops in this part of town. As we were having coffee the rain started so we took our time before leaving.