Goon Bag Coffee

Breakfast is something I’ve struggled with here in Singapore, early breakfast just really isn’t a thing. Sure there are a few places that do a proper breakfast, but they are not everywhere. You have to hunt them down. There is a particular lack of them around Marina Bay Sands (about my only gripe with the area). Of course decent breakfast can be had directly in the hotel for a price.

A quick search found this place called “ToastBox” which is part of some chain store and in the “Shoppes” mall. The food was decidedly average with very little choice. I had a ham and cheese toasted sandwich, which back home would have been sent straight back, cheese wasn’t melted and toast was cold. I tried a Pandan cake which was ok. The coffee was traditional Singaporean Kopi (filter/drip coffee with sweetened condensed milk).

Most interesting thing is you can get the coffee served in what looks like a goon bag