Night Safari

On Tuesday night we headed over to the “Night Safari”, which is part of the Singapore Mandai Zoo complex. It’s specifically set up only as a night zoo and opens at 6:30pm

There is a normal zoo next door, so in theory you could do the zoo in the morning and night zoo in the evening. The setup is excellent, I would recommend getting there before 7, then head straight for the show and register for that (it starts at 7:30pm). Once the show is over most people head for the tram, but don’t do that, it’s a long queue.

Instead, after the show head for the cafe and have some dinner. The food is next level. I was expecting basic “event / attraction” style quality but the food was excellent. I had an Indian chicken tikka curry.

Once you have had dinner, take the tram around the park, then do some of the walks. It’s still quite humid but at least at night it’s a little cooler.

Some of the food on offer
Didn’t expect this quality of food in the Zoo

The worst part of the experience is getting there. It’s to the north (closer to Malaysia), whereas most people will be staying closer to the city. There is public transport but it involves a train and a bus. It would be much better if there was an MTR station there. It will take over an hour each way from downtown

I’m not really a fan of any trip that involves a bus, so we just took a taxi, direct, took 45 minutes and cost about $50. Return was a little cheaper and quicker.

No petting this kitty

The displays are excellent and the animals were very active. If you are in Singapore and have a spare evening this is really worth doing. One of the best Zoo experiences I’ve had.