Cruise Along the Thames

After our walk around Hampton Court for the day we chose to return to central London on a boat, a trip that takes just under 3.5 hours. We went on “Thames River Cruises”, they have a small dock just near Hampton Court. Tickets cost £17 per ticket, which they sell just before you get on the boat. They don’t take cards though, so make sure you are cashed up before getting on. There is also a small bar on board where you can get a drink. Cruising along the river, drink in hand on a warm summer’s day is just way to civilised a way to travel !

It was very low tide on our entire trip, at one point the boat grazed the bottom of the river as it moved along and some people had to step onto the roof to get off at one of the stops along the way. Being on the boat as it moved through the locks on the Thames was quite interesting, not something I’d done before. Passed under many iconic London bridges, and many buildings all steeped in their own history, including the old Battersea Powers Station, made famous from the Pink Floyd album cover. It is also the largest brick building still standing in Europe.

Once back in central London we headed up to Covent Garden and had a Sunday Roast at the “Nags Head” pub. Then back to Angel on the tube.