West to East

After the underground toilet coffee on Monday we walked over to Hannover Square, which in the mid 18th century was the place you wanted to live in London


it’s just a little park now and not a lot of the old grand houses survive. Presently it’s surrounded by building and road works so not that enticing from the outside, If you weren’t really interested in the history of the place you would probably have avoided it. There are some awesome looking cafes in this part of London too.

Looked around Leicester Square and of course couldn’t miss the Lego store.

In the evening we did a Jack the Ripper walking tour. It was cold, dark and wet, so in essence the perfect depressing weather to do a tour on such a depressing subject.

I wouldn’t say I learnt anything new about the Jack the Ripper case, however the tour covers all the predicable things they should, the murders, the other murders beyond the canonical five as well as the investigation, all of which happened before advances in science and investigation which would have helped solve the case. The tour covered the myths and conspiracies around the case and there was also a big focus on what life was like in this part of London in the later 19th century (spoiler alert : terrible) but you don’t need to do a tour to work that one out.

Where we walked on the tour

Have a read here on Wikipedia about the sleeping conditions offered for 4 pennies and less.


The company we used was https://www.jack-the-ripper-tour.com/