Famous Buildings and their Coffee

Ever since my first visit I’ve wanted to go up to the Sky Garden inside the Walkie Talkie building on Fenchurch St. They offer a number of free viewing times, but I was never lucky enough to get a time as they sell out quickly. This year I just bit the bullet and booked breakfast their in one of the restaurants, which gives you a pass into the gardens included. Not exactly cheap as breakfast was £60, but it was a worthy experience. Unfortunately the weather didn’t play nicely for us. On a nice day the view would be amazing as it looks right down on the Thames, Tower bridge, London Bridge and the Tower. The coffee and the breakfast was OK, but in reality you are paying for the location not the food. My tip would be, if you want great food and a great view, book into the Duck and Waffle a few streets away. The food was better, cheaper and the view was just as amazing.


Pancakes were nice

Coffee in the Walkie Talkie

After breakfast we headed over to the London Mithraeum which is a ruin of an ancient Roman temple of worship under the Bloomberg building in central London on Walbrook St. Entry is free but it’s best to book in advance. I love Roman history and to be honest I wasn’t really expecting this to me much, but it was spectacular. When excavating the foundations they found an amazing amount of artefacts all very well preserved in the wet soil. Finding timber and leather from Roman times is extremely rare.


Some of the items found on site :-

Underground :-

Next stop was the Gherkin for a coffee, in the afternoon we went over to the Victoria and Albert museum to look around and have a quick look in the Science museum. The rain came down really hard whilst we where there and got caught up in Tube delays on the way how as Liverpool station had some flooding issues.

Coffee in the Gherkin

Coffee products at the Victoria and Albert museum shop

The V&A museum, science museum and

Natural history museum are all in the one area near South Kensington station. There is a walkway under the street that connects them all together. You can access it from the station, just turn right after existing the Oyster card readers

Here is the tunnel entrance, it’s marked, but not exactly obvious